Which Sour Skittles do you prefer? New or old?

Photo of Freeze Dried SOUR Skittles - new and old

We have a new process for making our freeze dried SOUR Skittles® and we want to hear from you!

If you’ve had our SOUR Skittles®, you’re familiar with the bumpy texture on the candy, but our new process makes an even coating of powder on the candies with a smooth texture. Although not as colorful as before, we think the new process makes a better tasting product.

It’s your opinion that matters most, so we want to know if you agree, or if you think we should keep making them as we always have. From now through September, we will be including a sample of our new SOUR Skittles and a link where you can vote for your favorite!

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Which Sour Skittles do you prefer? New or old?

  • New : 28
  • Old : 23

Total Votes: 51

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